Compared to a traditional grass landscape, maintaining your artificial grass should be so easy.   And it’s important to schedule regular maintenance of your synthetic turf to keep it looking beautiful and to keep your landscape healthy.

Soil Aeration
Soil aeration exposes the natural soil, beneath the turf to air and water so that it can stay healthy. It also helps reduce soil compaction.  On sports fields, this maintenance should be planned during the offseason.

Manage Pet Stains & Odor
If you are installing your artificial grass in an area susceptible to pet stains, your turf maintenance program can include turf cleaning products that remove stains and odor, to keep your artificial grass looking, feeling, and smelling, as good as new.

Prevent Natural Grass Growth
Some natural grass growth can occur in some very rare cases, once your artificial turf is installed.  This is easily addressed through a quick maintenance process.

Pest Control
Like natural grass, your landscaping is still susceptible to pest infestation. Pests like to hide in places where there is no interference. Effective management of artificial grass involves cleaning all corners and drainage systems. With proper management you can significantly reduce pest infestation.

The Turf Depot
The Turf Depot


We know that your purchase of new artificial turf is an investment. This is why we want to provide you the information you need to keep your turf looking beautiful and help it last a very long time. 

Our Artificial Turf Care Guide will provide helpful tips about care, maintenance, cleaning and repair.

Homeowners can use this to make sure they are following the best care practices. 
Contractors, architects, and retailers can use this to pass onto their clients to make sure they follow proper care and maintenance practices. 

The Turf Depot is happy to help answer any questions over the life of your artificial turf, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. 


Sports Field
Sports Field

Sports Fields  

When you invest in building a beautiful new sports field or stadium you want to know that your investment is protected day after day, and game after game. 

Once you install your new synthetic turf on your sports field you can actually save you money down the road by implementing the right maintenance program.  This can be done between games and during the off-season.

Proper maintenance will keep the artificial turf looking beautiful and can also help ensure the safety of the players.

Residential Landscape
Residential Landscape

Residential Landscapes  

Homeowners and residential communities are using artificial grass for their lawns, playgrounds, and landscaping. 

Synthetic turf is more resilient than natural grass and requires much less maintenance. It is important to understand the quality and warranty for your artificial grass before you decide on the right product for your project. 

Residential customers may find they can maintain the turf themselves, but most of the time it is easier to hire a pro.

Commercial Landscapes
Commercial Landscapes

Commercial Landscapes

The appearance of artificial turf will affect the appearance of your business. Healthy, green and beautiful lawns can greatly increase the beauty of your business or office building. Since maintaining a natural grass lawn can be expensive and time consuming, many businesses are turning to artificial turf.   

Once your artificial turf is installed, we can provide your landscaper or Maintenance Team with the information needed to keep it looking beautiful and protect your investment. 

Pet Areas & Dog Parks
Pet Areas & Dog Parks

Pet Areas & Dog Parks  

Our artificial grass is an ideal solution for dog yards and dog parks. Many homeowners, kennel owners, city dog parks and their dogs prefer our artificial turf instead of natural turf, dirt, covering, cement or gravel. Our artificial grass for dogs requires minimal maintenance, no trimming, no irrigation, no fertilization, and prevents you from dealing with dead ends or broken yards caused by running, playing or digging of pets.

The Turf Depot provides dog owners with a well-maintained lawn while keeping their dogs happy in a spacious green space. Our artificial grass will keep your pet clean, which means there will be no more dirt or other debris entering the house.  We can also provide you with Zeolite cleaner to help with pet odor as part of your artificial turf maintenance program.