From high school soccer fields, collegiate rugby fields, and professional football fields, artificial turf is changing the game.  
Natural grass landscapes have been used on sports fields for many years, but in the 1980’s the Astrodome changed the standard for sports fields.  It was at this time that the first artificial turf was used on a sports fields. Sports fields incur a lot of damage, and require extensive and costly regular maintenance; especially if there are back-to-back games. That kind of regular use and high traffic impact can so easily damage a natural grass landscape. 

Synthetic grass is a smart solution for this problem, but in the 1980’s artificial turf had a very different look, feel, performance and installation methods that resulted in player injuries, and didn’t have reliable resilience.

Fast forward about a decade and we see that synthetic grass is continuing to replace natural grass landscapes, but the artificial turf available today has had some significant design improvements since the Astrodome. This is good for the facilities where the turf is installed and the players and consumers that use it. 

The unique C8 turf design from The Turf Depot is designed for look, cushion and comfort. We even have specific artificial turf just for sports fields, like our stadium 59 product.  When you upgrade your sports field with artificial turf from The Turf Depot, you’re adding a surface designed for durability, safety, and athlete support that will also stand up to more traffic.

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Golf greens require specialized types of grass to provide proper flexibility and ball roll.  With synthetic grass from The Turf Depot we offers many different styles that will give you a natural putting experience, just like your favorite golf course.

Putting greens can be installed outside as part of your landscape, with other synthetic grass, or you can install it inside.  Many people are installing putting greens on inside on concrete on their patio or deck, and even in there offices!  Imagine practicing your putting while you are working or on a conference call. 

It also means that on days where you just know the practice range is going to be choc-a-bloc, you can still get your practice in with your very own, bespoke putting green whilst relaxing in the privacy of your back garden. It’s also easy to maintain, to keep it looking great all year round.

Having a putting green in your back garden can be a great conversation (and fun!) starter when friends and family are around. It can also be a lifesaver when getting in that much-needed practice for upcoming competitions – an extra hour or two can make all the difference!

Artificial grass putting greens aren’t just limited to your back garden, either – they can also be installed in your home, or at the office! It can even be installed over patio and decking.


Install Inside or Out

Install Inside
or Out

Safe & Non Toxic

Safe & Non Toxic

Preserve Water

Preserve Water

Low Maintenance

Install Inside
or Outside

Natural Look & Feel

Natural Look 
& Feel


When you are selecting synthetic grass for a new sports fields it pays to do your homework and make sure you are getting the best turf. 

For the best performance on your sports fields you’ll want to use a speciality product.  One that will be durable, easy to maintain and repair, and most of one that doesn’t impact the safety or performance of your players. 

Our artificial turf for sports fields can be used in a variety of applications and in both indoor and outdoor venues.

At The Turf Depot, we’d love to work with you on the turf design for your sports field, we can walk you through the different options and provide detailed quotes and samples to help you choose the right kind.  

Consider artificial turf from The Turf Depot for:
  Soccer fields
  Football fields
  Lacrosse fields
  Field hockey fields
  Bocce courts
  Croquet courts

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Stadium 59

Stadium 59

Green Sand

Green Sand

Half Moon Bay 84

5" Turf Install Nails


Perfect play area year-round

Artificial pet turf looks exactly like the real thing except it is fuss-free and easy to maintain. It is almost impossible to ruin and perfect for dog owners whose pets love to dig the yard. Fake grass doesn’t fade and stays green throughout the seasons.   Artificial turf is a great for townhouses, condos, apartments, and city-living.  Homeowners who don’t have a backyard area can install synthetic turf on their patio, or rooftop to give their pets a comfortable play area with the look and feel of natural grass.

All-Weather Performance

Have you ever been to a sporting event on a rainy day, and watched players slosh around in the mud?  Natural grass fields turn to junk in a moderate to heavy rain resulting in high maintenance costs, ruined appearance, and risking player injury.  When you invest in artificial turf field, however, your field will look good, rain or shine.

The Turf Depot
The Turf Depot

Low Maintenance
There are many time consuming and costly steps required to maintaining a traditional grass landscape:  regular watering, mowing, and reseeding.  These inconveniences are a thing of the past with artificial turf.   Although artificial grass does does require occasional maintenance like cleaning, brushing, and pest control, the time and cost involved is much less than natural grass fields.  High quality synthetic grass can endure up to 500 hours of playtime.

After the installation of your new artificial turf, your facilities maintenance team can manage the turf maintenance, during the season or we can recommend a licensed turf contractor, like Bastion Construction Services, a full-service landscape and turf contractor in the Bay Area.  Most sports fields plan for larger maintenance project during the off-season.

Green Grass Without The Wait


One of the best parts of synthetic grass, is you don’t need to plant grass seed, keep it protected, and wait for the grass to grow.  As soon as your turf is installed, it is ready to be used.   

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