If you are like most contractors you have a variety of customers, each with different needs. 

Maybe, you have a homeowner looking for a new backyard oasis created with artificial turf, or a recreation facility looking to install new synthetic grass in a playground or baseball field.  Even golf courses and dog parks are opting for artificial grass due to its incredible durability, ease of maintenance and natural appearance.

Artificial grass has come a long way and doesn’t resemble the Astroturf, or fake grass, we all remember from the past. Now, the very best of these synthetic grass products is extremely difficult to tell from the real thing.

When you are looking for synthetic grass for your clients, we want to provide you with the tools you need to buy and install the right turf every time which is why we are a customer-centric company and take pride in our work. No job is too big or small for us.

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 At The Turf Depot, we know your time is valuable.
We work with builders in the Bay Area every day because we are a one-stop-shop for all artificial turf and turf accessories like sand, glue, gopher wire, and even putting sets.   

We have a variety of great artificial turf tools for builders  that we know builders appreciate to keep their business running smooth and keep their clients happy.  We have spec cards, warranties, install and maintenance guides too, for you and your clients.

We offer only the best quality synthetic grass products. Our products have warranties up to 16 years so you can feel confident in recommending, buying and installing our turf in your projects

Our Bay Area Showroom is conveniently located right off 101, at Holly St. in San Carlos. Our showroom and warehouse is stocked with product displays and samples.  You can visit or send your clients anytime to visit.  We can also send samples to you, or your clients if that is more convenient.

We hope you’ll enjoy how easy it is doing business with The Turf Depot. 

The Turf Depot
The Turf Depot
The Turf Depot
The Turf Depot
The Turf Depot
The Turf Depot


Save Natural Resources 
We know clients expect options, quality, and value, but your clients will also like to know that artificial turf can help preserve valuable resources.  It is one of the reasons so many people are turning to synthetic grass for their outdoor landscapes.  Choosing artificial turf will upgrade the look of any property, it can also provide additional energy savings. The average natural grass yard of most homes takes 1,000’s gallons of water annually to maintain.  Artificial turf, does not need any water to keep its healthy appearance, saving you time and money on a monthly basis.

Pesticides & Fertilizers

Unlike real grass, artificial turf does not need any fertilizers or pesticides to maintain its lush appearance. Not only does this help you save money on lawn care bills, but it also saves you time and energy tending to your yard.  It also minimizes excposure to what can be hazardous to your health.

You Don’t Need to Mow It

Another thing homeowners love about artificial grass – no mowing.  Each customer like their landscape to look a little different, so as an added benefit, we have different turf styles depending on the height of grass that your client desires. 

Easy Maintenance

One consistent issue with real grass is that it wears down,  and is difficult to keep plush and green throughout the year. This is especially true if you have kids or pets that turn your lawn into high traffic areas. Turf does not suffer from these problems and is much easier to maintain throughout the year.

The Turf Depot
The Turf Depot
The Turf Depot
The Turf Depot