If you love to golf, there is nothing better than creating your own personal putting green at home. 
Indoors, or outdoors, one of our most popular product applications is artificial turf for putting greens. Just because you can’t be on the course doesn’t mean that you can’t work on your short game. 

Golf greens require specialized types of grass to provide proper flexibility and ball roll.  With synthetic grass from The Turf Depot we offers many different styles that will give you a natural putting experience, just like your favorite golf course.

Putting greens can be installed outside as part of your landscape, with other synthetic grass, or you can install it inside.  Many people are installing putting greens on inside on concrete on their patio or deck, and even in there offices!  Imagine practicing your putting while you are working or on a conference call. 

It also means that on days where you just know the practice range is going to be choc-a-bloc, you can still get your practice in with your very own, bespoke putting green whilst relaxing in the privacy of your back garden. It’s also easy to maintain, to keep it looking great all year round.

Having a putting green in your back garden can be a great conversation (and fun!) starter when friends and family are around. It can also be a lifesaver when getting in that much-needed practice for upcoming competitions – an extra hour or two can make all the difference!

Artificial grass putting greens aren’t just limited to your back garden, either – they can also be installed in your home, or at the office! It can even be installed over patio and decking.

The Turf Depot
The Turf Depot


Easy and Low Cost To Maintain

Easy & Low Cost
To Maintain

Blends In With Surroundings

Blend In With Surroundings

Natural Look and Feel

Natural Look
and Feel

Install Inside or Outside

Install Inside
or Outside


When you are considering installing a putting green for yourself why not stop by our showroom to try out all the different options!

At the Turf Depot, our San Mateo turf showroom has multiple styles of artificial turf, and multiple putting green simulations set up so you can “try before you buy”. 

Your shopping experience will be fun, easy and interactive with our helpful turf experts. Since most of our turf products are available for same day pick-up, or next day delivery, you will have your new putting green in no time! 

Contact us today for a free artificial turf consultation or to schedule a visit to our showroom.  Walk-ins are always welcome.

Shop Turf Products for Putting Greens

Emerald Hills 85

Emerald Hills 85

Green Hills 57

Green Hills 57

60 - Grit Sands

60 - Grit Sands


If you want to improve you golf game, but can’t always make it to the golf course, you can easily do it by installing a putting green in your backyard. Here are a few things which you need to consider when thinking about installing a synthetic grass putting green at your home.


Choose the right turf
When you are out on the golf course you don’t always get to choose what your putting green is going to be like with your own personal putting green the design is all yours.   You can choose the right texture, color and design to suit your personal taste and desired putting experience. 

The Turf Depot
The Turf Depot

Putting In Style 
In addition to choosing the right turf for your putting green, you can also choose from plastic or stainless steel putting base.  Be sure to visit our showroom to see and try them both. 


Chemical free
One of the advantages of this artificial turf for your putting green, especially if you are installing it in your home or office, is that has no harmful offgassing or odors.  And when you install it outside, there is no need for you to apply harmful chemicals in order for the grass to be lush or to protect it from pests. 

When you have a backyard putting green, you’ll practice more. You can squeeze in 10 minutes here and there instead of spending that time driving to the putting range, and you can do this first thing in the morning and last thing at night.


No Mud 

Artificial turf has a drainage layer that is meant to help liquid keep moving, meaning pet urine and rainfall won’t disturb your practice. You’ll never have to worry about a muddy green, and your surface will remain consistent, no matter the weather.

The Turf Depot
The Turf Depot

Care and Maintenance

If you have decided to invest in artificial grass for your golf putting green it is important to work with an experience installer and following the proper care and maintenance instructions.  This will protect your investment and keep it looking beautiful for many years. 

Next Steps

The Turf Depot can help you choose the right synthetic grass for putting green.  We can refer you to a licensed contractor, like Bastion Construction Services, to install your turf if you don’t want to do it yourself.   To help keep your turf looking beautiful, we also provide care and maintenance instructions for each type of synthetic grass.   Contact us, anytime, to speak with Turf Expert or call (650)393-5036.