The Turf Depot specializes in supplying the best synthetic grass for your project. We can also provide turf installation resources to help you through that process, or refer you to turf installation contractor, Bastion Construction Services.


Trust The Experts
When it comes time to install new synthetic grass trust the experts.  The Turf Depot is proud to recommend Bastion Construction Services for all your turf installation needs. 

Bastion has been serving California for over years working on residential, commercial and sports fields throughout the state. 

Why Choose Bastion Construction Services?

● Over 10 years experience with synthetic grass 
● Has installed over 150 sports fields 
● Led by an experienced owner and team
● Provides free estimates
● Competitive pricing   

At Bastion, they work hard to meet your deadlines and believe in delivering the best service and experience to our customers. 



We know that your purchase of new artificial turf is an investment. This is why we want to provide you the information that can help you during the installation process. 

We provide an Artificial Turf Installation Guide with each purchase, but please keep in mind that the installation methods may vary depending on the type of turf you select, and your particular application and installation.  

Most homeowners choose to work with an experienced turf contractor when installing their new turf.  If you need a turf installer, we recommend Bastion Construction Services, a Bay Area licensed landscape and turf contractor.

The Turf Depot is happy to help answer any questions about turf installation, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.