Turf Design

When it comes to turf design, it is the details that truly matter.  We carefully inspected hundreds of turf designs before selecting the products we would offer in our store.  

Design Features You’ll Love

Synthetic grass is a manufactured product made from polyethylene. 

It is manufactured in multiple grades including C2, C4, C6, and C8.

The number denominates the number of carbons in the polymer. Most artificial turf on the market is made from C2 and C4 grade polyethylene.

But, The Turf Depot offers many products made with a new, and improved artificial turf yarn called C8.


The benefits of c8 yarn design include:

  • The molecular structure of C8 yarn has a longer carbon chain which increases durability, resilience, temperature resistance and even the look and feel of the product.
  • 2x more durable than the existing grades which mean better resistance to heavy traffic
  • Blades are stronger and resist flattening more than C4 yarn
  • Better protected against fading due to sun exposure
  • C8 yarn has a softer feel
  • C8 yarn has more natural look compared to C4 yarn

Family Friendly

Natural Look

Best Warranty

Pet & Paw Friendly

Softer Feel & Texture

The Best Warranty In the Industry

We know our clients desire higher durability, resilience, and temperature resistance which is why we are so discerning when it comes to the synthetic grass we sell The Turf Depot.

Not all artificial turf is created equal. There are still many artificial turf distributors who offer C4 artificial turf.  We know for some applications, our clients desire something more luxurious and durable.  Our C8 quality yarn provides a beautiful look and the best product lifecycle, which is why most of our products are available with a limited 16-year warranty.

Artificial turf should be installed by an experienced turf installation company.  Installation requires the use of the natural soil, artificial turf, nails, gopher wire and/or weed barrier, and infill.  Your turf installation contractor will be able to provide further information based on the synthetic turf you choose and in your installation conditions and requirements.  If you need a turf contractor, don’t hesitate to ask.   

superior quality


Optimum Flow Turf design


Introducing a new, non-perforated backing offering a drastic improvement to drainage efficiency, in comparison to similar products. This means your artificial grass will be drier and free from any unpleasant odors. Best of all, it does not require a weed barrier.


The Optimum Flow backing is comprised of four different layers: two heavy gauge woven layers, one five pick layer, and then a final coating of a very high-viscosity polyurethane compound. Before this compound is applied to the turf, it is injected with air. These air bubbles create passages that allow for free flow drainage.


There are no changes in the installation procedure. In fact, your installation will not require a weed barrier!

Caring For your New Turf

A beautiful new lawn would add curb appeal to any property. 


Be sure to consult your owner’s guide to understand the requirements of your artificial turf before, during and after installation, and make sure you comply with care and maintenance instructions to protect your investment and your warranty.

There are many areas where the grass is just not practical to install. With artificial turf, you can give any space a more vibrant look, and since artificial turf is so easy to maintain, it doesn’t add to city maintenance budgets.

With a decade of experience in the artificial turf industry, we know what details go into making artificial turf the best it can be.  Our artificial turf has been designed to look better, last longer, and give you a natural appearance and texture. 

 Once you order turf from The Turf Depot, we’ll provide you with an installation guide, warranty, and care guide to help you protect your investment.  

 Ready to start shopping for you new turf? Order a sample kit today!


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