Artificial turf for playgrounds

There is nothing like a beautiful playground to inspire play, family time and community development. 

Local communities and municipalities are creating more community spaces like parks and playgrounds in local cities and towns.

These are a great investment to beautify public spaces, add value to the area, and make them more comfortable to enjoy for residents. 

One of the staples of a community space is the local playground.  

Over the last several years, we find less traditional grass on playgrounds.  Communities are turning to renewable, environmentally friendly products like artificial turf, in tandem with other products like rubber flooring, and wood chips, to create attractive, safe and beautiful playgrounds where kids can be kids! 

5 Reasons to Love Artificial turf for playgrounds

Kid & Family Friendly

Safe Surface for Playing

Preserve Water

Low Maintenance

Natural Look & Feel


At The Turf Depot, we make it easy to shop and select the right turf for your playground.


The Turf Depot can help you find just the right turf for your playground project.  We work with each client to understand your needs taking into account features like texture, color, resilience, warranty and cost to provide the best recommendation.

You can use artificial turf in a variety of playground applications.

School playgrounds

Personal Home Playgrounds

Church Playgrounds

Commercial Buildings

Day Care & Child Care Centers

City Parks

Check Out A Few Of Our Most Popular Playground Turf

Half Moon Bay

Torrey Pines

Pebble Beach


Green Sand 50lb

TURF 101: Benefits of turf for playgrounds

There’s nothing like fresh air and the great outdoors to inspire active fun. That’s true for kids, adults and pets alike. Part of making outdoor activity so much fun is having a clean, enjoyable place to play on. Let’s look at a little more closely at some of the benefits of synthetic grass for playgrounds. 

Low Cost & Low Maintenance

Artificial Grass is ideal for playgrounds and while residents will love the beauty and functionality, your local government will love the low cost of maintenance.  

Unlike real grass which requires regular mowing, weeding, watering, and other costly maintenance, artificial turf looks beautiful and stays beautiful with minimal maintenance required. Over time, you can recoup most of your installation costs because you save money on water, maintenance and repair.



Artificial grass helps create the natural appearance of a fresh green lawn, so you never have to sacrifice beauty. The Turf Depot offers a variety of synthetic grass solutions to help you give your landscape just the right look with different blade lengths, colors, and textures.

Environmentally Friendly

Replacing original grass with artificial grass can help improve the green feature of a community or school playground. How? You will use less more natural resources, like water, to maintain a natural grass landscape.  Communities and schools can also save money on gas that would otherwise be required for landscape equipment and there’s no need for harsh chemicals and fertilizers.

Synthetic grass minimizes the need to use harmful pesticides to keep insects at bay or to fight off weeds, or fertilizers to keep grass green. With synthetic grass you don’t need chemicals to keep your playground looking beautiful which makes parents, and kids happy


Nothing is more important than the safety of your children. When you search for a play set for your children, you also need to consider what is underneath that set. Whether you’re at a private or public playground, most playground injuries occur because of a fall on a hard surface. This is where artificial grass can make a huge difference in the look, feel and safety of children. The soft padding ensures safety and is also constructed to not show wear and tear.

This is a safer option as compared to other alternatives such as sand or wood chips. The grass provides a comfy cushion that is malleable which helps in shielding from severe injuries from sudden falls. They are made of nylon fibers that offer cushion-like-feeling and comfort.


If you have children, or know how children are outside, you know they seem to attract dirt, mud, grass and other outdoor remnants everywhere they go.  But, then they track it all inside to their homes, cars, day care centers, and schools.  With synthetic grass kids play keep clean during their outdoor playground adventures.


Next Steps

The advantages of synthetic grass are abundant, whether you are planning to create a new community or school playground or revive an existing one, start from the ground up, with high quality artificial turf from The Turf Depot Inc.

If you don’t want to tackle artificial turf installation, or if you are looking for someone to manage the turf maintenance for you, check our Bastion Construction Services, your full-service landscape and turf contractor. 

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