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IAre you ready to upgrade your landscape? The Turf Depot has the artificial turf you are looking for.

We work with artificial turf for homeowners throughout the Bay Area to find just the right artificial turf for their project.  Projects might include turf for your outdoor kitchen, backyard, front yard, a personal putting green, or even a rooftop patio. Whatever your desire, at The Turf Depot, we can make it happen.  If you are a DIY-er we can provide you with information to help through the process or we can refer you to a artificial turf installer.  

We have a variety of the best synthetic grass for that discerning homeowners will love, and products for every budget.  Our affordable artificial turf is the great way to upgrade your landscape and give your home curb appeal.  

Best of all, our artificial turf is safe for all your family members – no harsh chemicals or fertilizers to keep it green, and you save natural resources like water.  Everyone will love the way our synthetic grass looks and feels and since many of our products come with a 16-year warranty  you can enjoy your new artificial turf for many years.

Install synthetic turf in the backyard or front yard,  for your child’s playground areas, playhouse or for your pets.  Or why not install a putting green right in your back yard. 

The Turf Depot has artificial grass styles designed with our C8 yard design, which makes your turf look better and last longer.  Homeowners will love how easy it is to maintain – no weeding, mowing or maintenance. 

Make your outdoor landscape the envy of the neighborhood and create a look that looks beautiful day after day with minimal maintenance required. 

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Making artificial turf selection easy for Homeowners

At The Turf Depot in the Bay Area, we know what it is like to shop for turf.

There are more artificial turf suppliers, more distributors, more products and samples than ever before.  This can leave homeowners confused or worse, purchasing a product that is wrong for their project.

At The Turf Depot we believe in going beyond the sample.  We believe in listening to our customers to truly understand their needs are, which is why shopping with us is not personalized but easy and efficient.  Most customers can pick out their artificial turf in less than 24 hours and have it delivered the next day, or pick it up in store.  

We have products that fit all budgets and all interior, exterior, residential and commercial applications.  We can even help you create your own putting green right at home.   Homeowners can visit our artificial turf showroom  conveniently located right off 101, between Peninsula & 3rd Avenue, in San Mateo. Our showroom and warehouse is stocked with product displays and samples.   We can also send samples to you if that is more convenient.

We hope you’ll enjoy how easy it is doing business with The Turf Depot. 

I had a small project to fill an area with turf that would not have foot traffic but needed to be beautified. So I wanted to find an artificial turf that was of decent quality, realistic appearance, but low in cost. After visiting a couple of landscaping stores, I discovered The Turf Depot on Craigslist advertising artificial turf starting at $1.00/sqft! The landscaping stores had nothing that came close.

Upon entering the showroom floor, I was immediately greeted by Sharese (receptionist) with a smile and an offering of bottled water. The sales person (Christian) I had initially spoke on the phone with was with a client so the owner, Ryan offered assistance. After some consultation with Ryan, I was able to easily make my decision and found a turf that fit my needs. I did not require delivery and was ready to pick up the material right away, so Ryan was able to accommodate me by getting his crew to measure, cut, and place the turf into my car in about 10-15 minutes. In the meantime, Sharese took care of my paperwork for the order. Christian eventually finished with his clients. He came over to me to introduce himself and asked if everything has been taken care. Christian finalized the transaction and Ryan himself helped get everything into my vehicle.

Why the long winded description of my experience? Because it was the “details” that impressed me. This was truly teamwork at its finest. Everyone took initiative to help each other to make sure I had the absolute best experience. That’s difficult to find in the landscape industry.

To summarize, this is a family business that will treat you like family. Courteous, helpful, and execution is spot on. They did a great job in the beautiful showroom displaying the various grades of turf. They offer a great selection from $1.00/sqft to a super high end plush turf. Enough to fit any application of landscaping. Ryan also owns another  entity to offer complete installation as well. Oh! Even Ryan’s father Mike came out to introduce himself to me. This is what you want when shopping for artificial turf. To be treated like a guest and find a quality product with excellent value. Go to The Turf Depot.

Nelson W.

South San Francisco, CA, Homeowner

Turf DIY 101 for homeowners

Who doesn’t love the idea of never having to mow again. To have your lawn be the envy of the neighborhood.  While artificial turf should be the easiest landscape product you use, there are some things to know about turf install, care and maintenance.

If you are a DIY-er here’s some information you might want to know.

You Must Have a Proper Turf Drainage System.

Proper drainage is an important aspects of your turf installation especially if they have outdoor pets or live in an area that’s prone to flooding.   When you install artificial turf you need to make sure you set up the proper drainage system  the proper landscape aggregate prior to installing your new synthetic grass..

You Must Choose the Right Turf for Your Needs 

The Turf Depot can help each customer choose the right turf, which is extremely important. If you’re selecting artificial turf for your backyard you need to make sure you choose the right turf for the application.  For example:

  • How much traffic will your artificial get?
  • Will there be children playing on the turf?
  • Do you have outdoor pets that will be living on the lawn?
  • How long do you want the turf to last? 

As part of the Artificial Turf Design Consultation, we can help you choose the right turf based on color, texture, and comfort. If you spend a lot of time in your yard, you’ll want a sturdy blade while still keeping a realistic feel.

Once the Synthetic Grass is Installed, You Need to Choose the Right Top Infill.

Your artificial turf isn’t complete until until the top layer of infill is installed.  There are different types of infill that can be used.  We can help recommend the right products based on the type of turf, installation application, and who will be living on the turf.  Infill options include:

  • Silica Sand –  This gives the turf a sturdier base and allows them to stand up straight for a longer period of time. 
  • Zeolite – specifically designed for pet-intended artificial turf like dogs runs and dog parks. It serves the same purpose as silica sand, but with the added benefit of preventing pet urine odors from lingering.

There may be special equipment needed for your infill application, but we can provide recommendations based on your product needs. 

The Care Doesn’t Stop There! Keeping up with Long-term Maintenance is Important.

Maintaining your new artificial turf is so easy, especially when compared to the hours of mowing, fertilizing and maintenance that go into a traditional grass landscape.  But, you still want to follow proper care instructions to keep your turf looking beautiful. 

We will provide you with general care instructions with your purchase but some typical maintenance services might include:

  •  Power broom services to revive your synthetic grass after years of wear and tear.  you can hire a power broom but most people prefer to hire someone for turf maintenance to do it all for you.
  • Use a liquid enzyme to remove bacteria off of blades of grass. This is especially important if you have outdoor pets. 

If you don’t want to tackle artificial turf installation, or if you are looking for someone to manage the turf maintenance for you, check our Bastion Construction Services, your full-service landscape and turf contractor.

Artificial Turf for the bay area | The Turf Depot
Artificial Turf for the bay area | The Turf Depot
Artificial Turf for the bay area | The Turf Depot

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