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Artificial turf for pets & Dog Parks

Tired of muddy paws, incessant digging, and lawn damage from your delightful pet, The Turf Depot is here to help.

Eliminate mud, increase cleanliness and safety, and get the space that both you and your dogs will love. Artificial turf is the perfect solution for residential properties who are looking for a more resilient surface for their dogs or for communities who are updating, or ready to create, a community dog park.  Just like kids love a place to run so do dogs!

Residential dog runs and backyards can be a safe and cozy haven for your dog with artificial turf. 

Dog parks are convenient places for pet owners to take their pets when going for a walk just isn’t enough exercise. Dogs are allowed to run and play without the hindrance of a leash or harness. Park owners are discovering that installing artificial turf in their facilities benefits them, as well as their patrons on many levels. For the dogs, artificial turf can turn a good park into a great one.

Artificial turf has the look and feel of natural grass. The blades are designed to be the same texture and color as real grass. We’ve eliminated infill and constructed a knitted backing to create 100% edge to edge drainage. It is antimicrobial and non-toxic, making it safe for indoor and outdoor pet use. Every installation features proprietary techniques and gives a beautiful finish that lasts for years.

Over time your artificial turf can become stained and develop odors from pet usage, but we maintenance products to help keep your artificial turf stain and odor free.  Learn more about our our Zeolite product and order it online for in-store pick-up or delivery.   Let us help you find the perfect turf for your pet project.


5 Reasons to Love Artificial turf for dogs & dog parks

Kid-Friendly Too

Safe & Non Toxic

Preserve Water

Low Maintenance

Pet-Friendly Of Course

choose the right artificial turf for your pet 

When you are shopping for synthetic grass for your dog run or dog park keep in mind that not just any artificial turf will do. 

    This type of application requires specialty artificial turf. 

    Before you buy turf you want to ask the following questions:

    How durable is the artificial turf?

    What is the warranty?

    How is it cleaned?

    How do you maintain it over time?

    Our friendly and knowledgeable turf experts guide you through the buying process.  We will show you different products, options and features, to help you choose the best one.    Visit our Bay Area synthetic grass showroom or we can ship samples right to your home or office.

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    Perfect 80

    The One

    Green Sand 50LB


    TURF 101: Benefits of turf for pet & dog parks

    Bacteria Free

    Artificial turf contains nylon fibers that are treated with anti-microbial agents. This unique coating helps to prevent bacteria from thriving on or near the grass. Bacteria can multiply in pet areas.  Bacteria and germs that come in contact with the artificial turf are neutralized by the anti-microbial coating.  Additionally, you can purchase Zeolite from The Turf Depot to help keep your turf free of stains and odor.

    Built-In Durability

    The synthetic grass from The Turf Depot has a unique design using durable nylon based fibers that are also snag resistant and can withstand the constant friction caused by a dog’s nails. The turf may eventually show some wear if animals repeatedly attempt to dig in one particular area, but other than that the turf should remain intact and continue to offer a natural look for several years.

    Easy to Keep Clean

    Backyards and dog parks that have artificial turf installed are easier to clean and maintain than those with natural grass.  Why? The artificial grass does not need to be mowed or trimmed on a regular basis, there is no yard waste to constantly pick up and dispose of, other than the normal waste product from your four legged friends.

    Artificial turf is easy to maintain with some regular care and maintenance.   Install it on a patio, or even indoors to give your pet its own private yard space to use year round.  Use Zeolite, from The Turf Depot, to help keep your turf free of stains, odor, and bacteria.

    Perfect play area year-round

    Artificial pet turf looks exactly like the real thing except it is fuss-free and easy to maintain. It is almost impossible to ruin and perfect for dog owners whose pets love to dig the yard.  Even your cat will love it.  Fake grass doesn’t fade and stays green throughout the seasons.  Artificial turf is a great for townhouses, condos, apartments, and city-living. Homeowners who don’t have a backyard area can install synthetic turf on their patio, or rooftop to give their pets a comfortable play area with the look and feel of natural grass.  It can be installed inside our outside.

    No Wear and Tear

    Whether it is an outdoor dog run, backyard, or local Dog parks you want to create a space where your pet can run free.  But, this means constant wear and tear.  Artificial turf is extremely durable in this high traffic environment and will not wear away or break down like natural grass. When pathways are created in a park with natural grass, the grass begins to die off leaving bare areas that can become muddy and rough. It is difficult to re-seed these areas without closing the park.  With artificial turf some regular maintenance and cleaning will keep your dog park, or back yard looking great. 

    Next Steps

    The advantages of synthetic grass for your back yard, or your local dog park, are numerous.  The best way to ensure the success of your project is with the right turf.

    The Turf Depot can you choose the right synthetic grass for your project.  We can also provide you with installation and care instructions or we can refer you to a licensed contractor like Bastion Construction Services, a full-service landscape and turf contractor in the Bay Area. 

    Have questions about artificial turf?  Contact us to speak with Turf Expert or call (650)393-5036.

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