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The Turf Depot Inc opened its doors because it saw a need for affordable turf solutions in the Bay Area.  We want to be your one-stop-shop for artificial turf and turf accessories.

What Kind of Experience Do We Have?

Ryan Sterrett, the owner of The Turf Depot Inc, has a professional experience of over a decade in the artificial turf business.


Although The Turf Depot doesn’t install turf, it is Ryan’s experience working in the turf industry, as a landscape and turf contractor that makes him uniquely suited to this role.  He’s created a one-stop-shop for the Bay Area for artificial turf and turf accessories. Here, people can talk with real experts about their needs, get the best recommendations, prices, and service.


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Our Bay Area Showroom

Seeing is believing when it comes to selecting the right artificial turf.  This is why we encourage our customers to request a free sample kit online, contact us for a free turf design consultation or visit our San Mateo, CA or Sparks, NV showroom.

Our showroom is openg to architects, designers, builders, homeowners, landscapers. We truly want to be your local, one-stop-shop for all your artificial turf and turf accessories. 

To help customers get a real feel for the artificial turf we installed several varieties so you can truly experience the look and  feel of all our synthetic grass options. 

Take a pass at our indoor putting green, touch and feel all the different styles of artificial turf and select samples to take home with you the same day.

Many of our clients are even able to select and purchase their artificial turf the same day and since we offer same day pick up and next day delivery, for most items, you can get started on your turf project in no time! 

 Schedule a showroom visit today or stop by during regular hours for a personal shopping experience!


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About Synthetic turF

,Artificial grass was first used at the end of the 1960s in the Houston Astrodome

The Houston Astrodome was the first covered sports stadium in the USA. This type of artificial grass was named “Astroturf,” after the stadium. The objective was to create a sports playing field that was as functional as possible; functionality and not the look and feel of the turf was the key factor.  Apart from being green, the playing field did not resemble natural grass in any way at all.

“Astroturf” was made from nylon (PA = polyamide) and was in fact basically a thick layer of carpeting. Nylon had the unpleasant tendency to cause ‘burns’ when it came into skin contact, for example, when baseball players had to slide into a base. Furthermore, nylon was also a relatively costly material, which meant, at that time, an artificial grass playing field represented a sizeable investment.  Through the 1970s and 1980s, designers worked to improve the synthetic lawn, using new materials and techniques. They created blends that were softer and looked more realistic. They developed new infill and padding that made the real grass replacement safer for heavy impact field sports.

Along with use in baseball stadiums, this live grass substitute became popular in soccer, field hockey, and football. 

By 1982, ten out of the twenty-six MLB teams had an artificial home field. Football took notice fast. The Philadelphia Eagles and the University of Pennsylvania played on this new synthetic material at Franklin Field as early as 1969.  Most NFL stadiums have since gone to synthetic turf. As of 2016, sixteen NFL home fields use artificial grass, versus fifteen that grow live blades.

Thanks to advancements in artificial turf design and construction, creating surfaces suitable for sports fields, residential and commercial applications is easier, and more affordable, then ever.

Benefits of Synthetic turf

Synthetic turf is made from polyethylene.  Artificial grass has gained popularity over the last decade due to an effort to preserve natural resources, especially during the drought conditions here in California.

But, that is just one of the many benefits of artificial turf:

  • Preserve natural resources 
  • Minimize the use of harsh chemicals and fertilizers 
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Can be installed in more applications
  • Easier to maintain – your yard will be the envy of your neighbors!
  • Lower cost of repair and maintenance than a traditional grass lawn
  • Natural color and texture for an authentic look 
  • There are a variety of styles depending on budget, application, and traffic pattern
  • Works well for kids and pets alike

Not all turf is created equal. So, it is important to understand the features, benefits and warranty of the artificial turf you are considering.  Be sure to check out of resource page to gather all the information you need.  We offer a free sample kit or stop by our showroom to pick up samples at our San Mateo showroom.

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